“Thanks for your advice Jenny! My Facebook page is growing a lot and engagement really increased when I started following your rules. I have a new client who came to me asking me to create memes and content for her site. It’s an honor working with her because her site is much larger and better established than mine. But…she approached ME after she saw some of my memes go ‘viral’ on FB. That’s how I got the job!  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.”

“I just wanted to give a shout out for the services performed with Facebook Audits and Web page reviews …[Jenny] provided me a wealth of knowledge and advice on ways to improve marketing capabilities, make changes to [my] website, and tell your story about why we perform the services or sell the products…have to say, well worth the investment.”

Guys if you aren’t getting any traction using Facebook and you’re STILL NOT jumping on this course, please remember investing in yourself is so important. Jenny knows this platform backwards and forwards!

The Military Social Media Guru also hosts a Facebook Group for budding U.S. military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs looking for marketing support for their military-focused businesses.  Read what our group members have to say and join HERE.

“What a blessing you have been to me this week in so many ways. I have learned so many things already and two other businesses/groups have reached out to me from your page and wanted to feature Gracie Diaper! Thank you for being such an encouragement!”

-Grace, Owner of Gracie Diaper


“This is a pretty awesome group…It’s different than the normal run of the mill group. I’m glad I found it and was accepted as a member. Jenny Hale…and a couple of others have really got me thinking of ways to improve my UJ Space A Info site. I’m working on a couple of ideas, have another waiting in the wings and hoping to be more inspired with other ideas later.”

-John, UJ Space A Info


“So glad I discovered your group. You’re a rockstar!”