Meet the “Military Social Media Guru”

Headshot-Military-Social-Media-Guru-Jenny-HaleI started my first company at the age of 19. A portrait photographer by trade and a marketer by heart, I built a following of thousands and worked with hundreds of clients.  By 20, I was consulting for local and national organizations on marketing strategies, social media tactics, and content creation.  By 22, I had graduated from a top private university with a master’s degree, specializing in marketing and public relations for the military. By 23, I was the Director of Marketing for an international military program.  By 25, I will be starting as an adjunct professor of social media strategy at a west coast university.

I have worked in the military non-profit, corporate, public affairs, and contract sectors. My military background is diverse for a civilian, as I lived in the barracks as an Army photojournalist, spending a summer rappelling down towers, in the gas chamber, and participating in land navigation training (boy I hated land nav!).

I am a former musician manager, using my marketing background to book numerous gigs (including one of my musicians as an opening act on a world tour!), live radio shows, talk shows, and newspaper/magazine interviews. I was a previous runway model in New York, as well as an actress.

However, my true passion is serving the nation’s military families. Unable to serve for medical reasons, I made it my goal to help military families and veterans follow their dreams. Using my entrepreneurial success and strong military marketing background, I now consult, mentor, and teach veterans and military spouses how to use social media and modern marketing practices to increase the success of their entrepreneurial ventures.

A patriot to the core, I believe in empowering entrepreneurs with military backgrounds and those in the military sector to live the American dream.


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